…to the official website of The HardChargers, Irish Blues and Roots Rock trio with eight-years history covering  tens of thousands of miles on the roads of Ireland/UK.

We took an enforced break during the first half of 2017… but January 2018 marks the start of a new and exciting phase for the band. Our debut album Scarecrow is released and promoted nationally through Market Square Records/Proper Distribution; and we’re letting the world outside of Ireland know that The HardChargers are open for business. We’re only a plane ride or a road trip away from any blues festival or club in Europe. Read on, watch the video clips, buy the record, and get in touch…

The HardChargers

Scarecrow - the album

In January 2018, after eight years of driving their mesmerising gumbo of country blues and electric dreams the length and breadth of Ireland, The HardChargers’ debut album Scarecrow is released nationally – in physical and digital form – through the good auspices of Market Square Records/Proper Distribution.

Given the ease of access to technology and manufacturing, many artists, understandably, opt to record an album

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